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Service in a Digital World December 3, 2008

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I recently revisited an article written in 1876 by Samuel S. Green that promoted personal service to patrons.  While this perhaps was a new concept in 1876, today it is very much expected by the patrons. Many of Green’s ideas can be found in various ALA guidelines and standards. In the physical world, if patrons are frustrated by the service they receive, they will not return.  The same is true for any digital environment.  If it is difficult to use, or the information is hidden from view, people will most likely abandoned the site never to return.

In our digital collections, how do we provide service to our intended audience?  Is it through web features that make it easy to navigate, or the links we provide?  I would suggest that the ease of use is one way of providing personal service in a digital collection.  I know I need to add these easy features like home buttons, to my digital collection.  Please let me know your thoughts on giving personal service in a digital environment.